Welcome to Creative Showoff Costume Hire

Costumes for Hire

  • Themed Parties
  • Medieval and Period/Reinassance Costumes
  • 20's to 70's Hippie and Disco Outfits
  • Childrens Costumes
  • Animal Costumes, Cartoon Characters
  • Wild West and Indian Costumes
  • Gangster Costumes
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Father Christmas and Mrs Claus
  • Caveman / Vikings, Fairies, Grecian and Roman Costumes
  • Pirates, Rock Star / Movie Star, Sexy Costumes
  • Storybook Characters, Super-Heroes, Biblical Costumes
  • Clowns and Court Jesters
  • Science Fiction, Sports, TV and Movie Costumes
  • Army, Navy, Airforce Costumes
  • Moustache, Beards, Eyelashes, Tiaras, Wings
  • Masquerade Masks, Masks, Hats, Wigs
  • Accessories, Shoes, Face Paints, Fish Net Stockings
  • Makeup, Temporary Tattoos, Fangs and Teeth

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